Question: Do you do sewing repairs or alterations?

Question: Where are you located?

Question:  Do you cancel class due to inclement weather?

Answer: We are primarily a sewing instruction studio, however, we may be able to assist you in small repairs. We might even have you sit down with us as we show you how! We do not provide dress or apparel alterations or machine repairs.

Answer: We are conveniently located on the second floor within the Duluth Folk School, 1917 W. Superior Street. Families are invited to relax with a drink, pastry or snack at the Dovetail Cafe while their student is in sewing class.

Answer:  Yes, we may very likely cancel class but we will work with our students/class to reschedule a make up class.

Question:  My child is 6 years old. Can I sign him up for a sewing machine class?

Answer:  Every child learns differently and so there is not a magic age for learning to sew on a sewing machine. However, our minimum age for sewing machine classes is age 8. At age 8, students tend to have a better attention span, be stronger readers (for comprehending basic pattern directions), have been exposed to measurement and ruler skills and also have better fine motor skills; this allows for a more successful experience.

Questions:  Do you offer sewing classes for kids during daytime hours M-F?

Answer:  We may schedule workshops on days when there is no school--based on the local Public Schools calendar. We may also schedule classes on holidays. If your child(ren) does not attend Duluth/Hermantown Public Schools, contact Alethea to schedule a class on a day your school system does not have school.  We will try to accommodate you when available.

Answer:  First and foremost is the fact that our teacher does not just have a passion for sewing.  She has a passion for children AND sewing.  Alethea has been a teacher for over 20 years and loves sharing her passion for fabric with her students.

In addition, the 6 week workshop format is more conducive to learning and retention than the smaller term classes (sometimes just one night) that are offered by the big companies.

Question:  How are you different the the classes offered by the 'big box' hobby and sewing stores.